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P51R_2 P51 RENO Mini Racer

P51_Clipped_2 P51D Clipped Wing Mini Racer

P51_2 P51D Mini Racer

Bearcat_2 Bearcat Mini Racer

P40_2 P40 Mini War Bird

T-6_2 T-6 Mini War Bird

Spitfire-2 Mini War Bird Spitfire

Tigercat-2 F7F Tigercat Twin War Bird

F15_2 F15 Mini Jet

F23_2 F23 Mini Jet

F99-2 F99

F69-2 Big Jet F69 Future Fighter

Big_Bearcat_2 Big Bearcat (150%)

Kom_Batt_2 Kom Batt

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Welcome to the Fabcorcmfg Store. Home of the Mini Air Racers, Mini War Birds, Mini Jets and More. All of our kits are made from Depron Foam and have carbon fiber spars and push rods. These are complete airframe kits that include foam parts, carbon fiber spars, carbon fiber push rods, metal (music wire) push rod ends with pre-bent "Z" bends already done, control surface horns and detailed instructions. (Some also include vinyl graphics.) Not included in the airframe kit, but required for completion are: Foam Safe CA gap filling glue and accelerator, Transmitter and Receiver, 2 to 3 Micro Servos, Motor, Electronic Speed Control and Battery. Specific details are listed with each kit.

All of our kits come unpainted and unassembled in white depron, except the F23, F22, F69 and Kom Batts which come in gray Depron. The F15 is also available in gray Depron. The airframes have notches and tabs to allow quick and easy assembly. The average airframe can be assembled in approximately 1-2 hours. It will take another 1-2 hours to install the electronics then you are ready to go flying. You can use any foam safe paint to decorate your plane, we have had good luck using Testors enamel in the spray cans. Two light coats @ 12 inches away from plane gives good results. All the planes you see pictured on this page have been painted with that paint. We hope you enjoy building and flying these planes as much as we do and if you have any questions - feel free to give us a call.